Westwood Gardeners Celebrate!

Today at our after school gardening club the children were able to celebrate their hard work and harvest vegetables that they had planted earlier in the season. Led by Ms Brown and our dedicated group of parent volunteers, everyone got involved and there was lots of excitement as, in the very pleasant late afternoon sunshine, the adults helped the children to cook the fruits of their labour. A very interesting slow worm even made an appearance! Well done everyone, you have all worked so hard and you have transformed an area of our school grounds into a really lovely vegetable patch. Thank you.

1 thought on “Westwood Gardeners Celebrate!

  1. Mel

    What a wonderful way to start the new school year. Daisy even ate a tomato………..and she liked it! You can’t beat home grown veggies. Great work gardening group and a massive thank you to Miss Brown and her parent volunteers.


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