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Great job, Orchid class!

Well done to orchid class for their week of fundraising during the £1 challenge.

We thought we had raised £144.06 but we had actually raised £144.87 (every penny counts).

All money goes to The Helen Hodgkins Trust (a charity based in Bradford-on-Avon) who buy water filters for villages in Ghana. Our fundraising means that we have enough to buy 1 water filter to be sent out there.

For homework, the class were asked to write about their fundraising experience. Ellie has excelled herself and wrote an amazing blog post.

super job gif

Please go and read it and leave a comment for her.


Well done Mrs. Hobson and the Orchid dancers!

A big Well Done to Mrs. Hobson who led the Orchid class dancers in a phenomenal performance at the Forum, Bath last week as they danced in front of a packed audience. All the children have written on the class blog about how the experience was such an exhilarating one for them and it is amazing that she has given them the chance to feel that way on such a huge stage.

Well done the the dancers themselves who sent their grown-ups home that night feeling so immensely proud of every single one of them. Goose-bumps all round.

Well done Felix!

I want to say a big ‘well done’ to Felix because this week, in Maths and English, he has had his hand up to answer questions, or to add comments to discussion, most of the time. In fact, on Thursday, I had to officially retire him for a while to let his classmates have time to think, his brain was working so fast! Well done, Felix and I am very proud of you!